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About Us!

I am Doughing Crazy! My husband James came up with that name and it couldn't be more true. 

Ever since I started my sourdough journey in March 2021, I have been 'Doughing Crazy'. Believe it or not, it all started with sourdough bagels and then progressed to loaves and different flavors and then pretzel buns and snowballed from there! 

I love creating new products with different ideas I see or hear about. 

James and I live on 10 acres just east of Detroit Lakes with our two boys, Ryan & Josh. We enjoy many things outside in the summer such as gardening, exploring the woods, hunting and fishing. In the winter, well that is a bit different!

We just recently completed the renovation of our Micro-bakery! The early part of 2023 this building was a garage and now is an amazing space for our mico-bakery. I love working from my home and we are so thankful for this space!

Please note: I do not have a storefront, I only bake to order and for the markets I'm involved in. You may order to pick up at the bakery - and when you do come on in to check out my amazing space! 


Our Products

Everything I offer here is made with sourdough starter. Whether is the bread or croissants, muffins or buns- it all uses sourdough starter as the base.

Making sourdough, true sourdough is the process of long fermentation. It isn't a flavor but a method of leavening! In fact it is the original, most natural method of making bread.

With that, I do require a 1-2 day notice as sourdough needs time to ferment and work its magic.

I am proud of the products I sell because I know I am making them with good and clean ingredients, and they are a better choice for your body! 

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